Catering Options at Motorclassica

Motorclassica showcases the best of the Melbourne food scene with a budget to suit everyone. 

As you walk into the gates of Motorclassica you are greeted with an aroma of food truck options ranging from Sliders on Tyres, Twisted Fishermen, Bigger than Texas. Or if you are just after a quick cup of coffee then Cab 55 Coffee and Custom Brew will be able to sort you out. Don't forget to grab a gelato from the famous Gelato Messina van to enjoy in the sunshine.

As you head inside and up the stairs to the Gallery level take a right and follow the path around the building to the food dining hall with various food options from salads, pies, pizzas and burgers. Plus a coffee and alcohol bar. All this with plenty of seats to sit down and enjoy your food. 

Downstairs on the Ground level take a rest in the visitor lounge area where you can not only vote for your favourite vehicle but enjoy a hot beverage too.

If you are lucky enough to have a VIP ticket for the day or the weekend then you will be able to find the VIP Lounge on the Ground level where you can enjoy all day catering at your own leisure. 

Or if you are more frugal/sustainable you are welcome to bring in your lunch, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy throughout the day.

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