Live Restoration Theatre presented by Maskells Customs & Classics

Located at the western end of the Royal Exhibition Building’s ground floor, Motorclassica’s new Live Restoration Theatre presented by Maskells Customs & Classics spanned over 100sqm and featured the work of some of Victoria’s most talented and accomplished automotive artisans. It was showcase of several traditional and modern trades, the Live Restoration Theatre featured five cars in various stages of restoration. 

1. Fabrication
2. Interior trim
3. Paint
4. Mechanical
5. Assembly

Whilst the Live Restoration Theatre was active throughout the three days of Motorclassica, it was provided with special attention during our Schools Program on Friday, and in two 45-minute, interactive sessions on Saturday and Sunday, each hosted by Master Coachbuilder, Brian Tanti.

Visually, the Theatre took the form of a series of “shop window” or “cubicles”. Each display was open-fronted with audio-visual aids to enhance interactivity and encourage safe public engagement. Those companies that were chosen to showcase their skills are among the best of the best, each having been awarded for their work at Motorclassica over previous years.


Live Restoration Theatre presented by Maskells Customs & Classics

Greg Maskell grew up in Wunghnu, a small country town in Victoria. Surrounded by farming land, he has always been interested in all things mechanical. Now based in Shepparton, Greg and his partner Julie have twin boys, Nash and Arlen. Together they own a very successful automotive restoration shop. Greg has a passion for excellence and a “nothing’s impossible” attitude, which has shaped his life and every car he has built. Greg started repairing small things on cars then advanced to bigger and better, always pushing himself to do harder projects and striving for better quality. After some of his own car projects were completed, he had interest from other people to do work on their cars. With a request to do a full restoration on a '61 Thunderbird convertible, the word had got out. He started the business in 2003 and now employs 11 people. Over those years Maskells Customs & Classics have built some of the best show cars Australia has ever seen.

Hosted by Master Coachbuilder, Brian Tanti

Brian Tanti is an internationally respected restorer and coach builder who is widely regarded as a leading voice in the car industry. As an experienced restorer, Brian is a co-presenter of Discovery Channel TV series Car Chronicles.

Brian has lived and breathed the motor vehicle industry his entire life. His career began more than 37 years ago as a panel beater working in the UK and Australia. He spent time in a Rolls-Royce dealership before landing a job in Lindsay Fox’s museum, where he rose to the position of Director. He has spent 27 years working for the Fox family as a workshop manager; building and restoring classic cars from Lindsay Fox’s $45 million car collection. At the Fox Museum, Brian also became the Manager of Vehicle Operations.

As a Coach Builder, Brian quickly accumulated a reputation for excellence; several of his restorations have won concourse competitions; nationally and internationally.


Live Restoration Theatre Supplied by


Interior Trim




Motorclassica 2019 Dates

Friday 11th October – 9am to 9pm

Saturday 12th October – 9am to 9pm

Sunday 13th October – 9am to 5pm

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