Located on the Gallery level of the Royal Exhibition Building, FutureLab is an interactive space promoting both the courses and future technology on offer from some of Victoria’s most important universities, TAFEs and RTOs. 

Over the 3 show days, students and visitors witnessed first hand the new technology each organisation has invested into the industry. 

Technology continues to develop in the automotive industry. This is changing how we drive, how we design and build cars, and our society as a whole. In the future will mechanics be programmers? Will panel beaters be extinct and everything is 3D printed? Will you drive at all? Only time will tell. What is certain is we must we continue to train people to preserve ancient skills, develop our teaching methods to keep pace with the rest of the world and most importantly develop the skills of young people for a tech based future, while maintaining the craftsmanship of the past. As we approach a generational change in the industry we risk losing the skills and attributes required to restore and preserve iconic motoring memories.

Motorclassica is uniquely placed to provide an introduction to the future, whilst reflecting on the past. The future of automotive is bright, we are about to experience a full scale rejuvenation of the worlds fleet due to changing attitudes on carbon. Therefore the opportunities (old and new) for students seeking vocational training are limitless.

With this in mind, we present FUTURELAB: A showcase of new technology, training for the next generation and preservation of ancient skills. FutureLab attempts to reverse the brain drain and loss of skills in automotive by encouraging young people to go into automotive trades, STEM based university courses, and education pathways that support automotive innovation.

Motorclassica 2019 Dates

Friday 11th October – 9am to 9pm

Saturday 12th October – 9am to 9pm

Sunday 13th October – 9am to 5pm

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