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The Australian International Concours d’Elegance

Concours d’Elegance became popular in Europe during the early 1900s, when coachbuilders exhibited their latest creations at a time when beauty, style and elegance reigned supreme.  

The Australian International Concours d’Elegance follows the International Chief Judges Advisory Group (ICJAG) guidelines.  From 2019, Motorclassica has been elevated to ICJAG Plus status, acknowledging the Australian International Concours D'Elegance as one of the Worlds Concours events. Further details can be found on their website

There are a number of classes for cars and motorcycles available at Motorclassica. 

The Concours d’Elegance Class
Cars and bikes entered into the Concours d’Elegance will usually be divided into year or era classes.
Each car or bike begins the Class judging process with 100 points and using originality and authenticity as the basis, points or part-points are deducted as faults are perceived.
These are then compiled onto a comprehensive judging sheet with 20 main items to determine a class winner.
Two finalists in each class will receive a rosette on Saturday afternoon.

In the case of coach-built cars, it was not uncommon for cars to have major alterations or even be fitted with new bodies, as their original bodies became unserviceable. Coach-built pre-war cars with later bodies will be considered, but the judging team reserves the right to reward cars with original coachwork. In the case of a re-bodied car that now has a different body to the original, a deduction will apply.

The Speciality Classes
These classes represent a range of cars and bikes with a significant anniversary or milestone occurring on or around the year of the event. They are judged in their class using our standard Concours d’Elegance criteria with special attention given to the car or bike that has an interesting or special provenance or is an icon model of that era.

Best of Show
The Class Winners are assessed by the Chief Class Judges and a small group of Honorary Judges, by secret ballot, to determine the Best of Show. The criteria for this award is Elegance, combined with Rarity, Provenance and Street (eye) Appeal.

Restoration of the Year
A separate group of judges select a winner using their skills to determine the car that has been restored most accurately to its original specification.

This award winner is not accepted into the Best of Show judging unless it is also a Class Winner.

The Display Class
This class is for significant and unusual vehicles not commonly seen on public roads; they are normally in pristine condition and represent a cross-section of early Australian motoring.

This class is not subject to the judging process and is not eligible for any award other than The People’s Choice Award.

Spirit of Motorclassica Award
This award is chosen by the Chief Judge and is given to a car or bike that best represents the overall theme and concept of Motorclassica as the premier Australia Classic Car Show.

This award winner is not accepted into the Best of Show judging.

People’s Choice Award
This award is taken from public votes cast at various stations around the exhibition centre and reflects the judgement of our fellow enthusiasts.

This award winner is not accepted into the Best of Show judging.

Vote for the People's Choice - more information to come in 2022!

All vehicles being shown at Motorclassica are expected to be able to start and run. Those taking part on Tour Classica will be assumed to have complied. Lights and instruments will be checked whilst awaiting for Tour Classica to start. All vehicles not taking part on Tour Classica will be checked as they arrive at the venue.

The Australian International Concours d’Elegance judges over 100 cars using around 60 judges. No two judges evaluate in an identical manner and each get the opportunity to scrutinise the engine compartment, boot and the interior including under the dashboard.

Therefore some results can appear contrary to the initial outward appearance of the vehicle.

With this in mind, the Chief Judge makes available an advisory service commencing from the Monday following Motorclassica. Owners may request a brief analysis of any deductions for the car or bike in order to assist with vehicle improvements and enhance competition experience in the future.

John A Virgo, Chief Judge.

Pre-War Open (Class C1A)
Pre-War Closed (Class C1B)
Pre-War Bentley (Class C1C)
Post-War Classic Closed (Class D1)
Post-War Classic Open (Class D2)
Modern Classic Closed (Class E1)
Modern Classic Open (Class E2)
Modern Classic GT (Class E3)
Modern Classic Sports & Performance <3L (Class E4)
Modern Classic Sports & Performance >3L (Class E5)
Modern Classic Japanese (Class E7)
Modern Classic Mini (Class E8)
Preservation (Class P1)

Motorcycles (Class M)
Preservation (Class P2)

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