Motorclassica Youth Program

Brought to you by Motorclassica and Shannons, the Motorclassica Youth program is designed as an introduction to the joys of classic and vintage motoring both as a vocation and hobby, the program offers an opportunity for students in years 8 – 10 to get up close and personal with the young people and trades leading vintage movement into the 21st century. Here century-old skills meld with modern technology to restore and rejuvenate these special vehicles and keep them on the road for all to enjoy.

As many trades and skills slowly get lost in the latest waves of modernity, real opportunities exist for young people to discover extraordinary careers and lifestyles around old, collectible and desirable cars and motorcycles. As an investment, the value of classic car transactions have spiked 17 percent in the past year and outperformed every other luxury category in the world, according to Knight Frank Wealth report. In fact, a “truly investment-grade car” bought in 2006 would have appreciated up to 487 percent over the last 10 years. And as more collectors take advantage of this investment potential, more traditionally-trained tradespeople and specialists will be required to maintain these valuable machines.

The Motorclassica Youth program is a 3-hour program covering the following topics:

  • Automotive Design
  • Interior Trimming
  • Restorations and Preservation
  • Automotive engineering
  • Motorsports & Racing
  • Collecting & Investing

Dates and location
9.00am – 12.30pm, Friday 13 October 2017
Royal Exhibition Building

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