2017 Winners

Motorclassica’s ‘Best of Show’
Motorclassica’s ‘Best of Show’

Sydney media personality David Berthon’s 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost has won Best in Show at the 2017 Motorclassica.


VINTAGE & VETERAN 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh Continental, David Berthon

PRE-WAR CLASSIC UK & EURO 1927 Delage DM, Chester McKaige

PRE-WAR CLASSIC USA & AUST 1936 Hudson Terraplane, Philip Haxby

POST-WAR UK & EURO 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, George Forbes, Executive Chairman of the Turner Foundation

POST-WAR AUST & USA 1953 Holden FJ Cordell, Mick Hodgett

MODERN CLASSIC AUST 1968 HK Premier, Mark Adams

MODERN CLASSIC UK & EURO 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5, Terry Smart

MODERN CLASSIC SP & PERFORMANCE 1972 Fiat Dino 2400, Philip Allen

RACING CARS 1965 Offenhauser Edmonds Midget, Russell Baker

MOTORCYCLES PRE-WAR 1940 Triumph 5T Speed Twin 500, Phil Canning

MOTORCYCLES POST WAR 1949 Vincent HRD Black Shadow, Jonathan Munn

MOTORCYCLES PRESERVATION 1912 Peerless 500 CC, Chris Sullivan

CARS PRESERVATION 1965 Peugeot 404, Robert Pavlov

SPIRIT OF MOTORCLASSICA 1924 Lancia Trikappa, Andrew Torti

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD 1973 De Tomaso Pantera, Stuart & Sean Morgan

In 2017, Motorclassica celebrated a number of a number of automotive milestones, with special Concours classes awarded to reflect those.

70 YEARS OF FERRARI 1951 Ferrari 195EL, Ken Mackenzie

100 YEARS OF HOLDEN 1973 Holden HQ GTS, Richard Delahoy

110 YEARS OF LANCIA 1923 Lancia Lambda, John Duke

VINTAGE SPEEDWAY 1965 Offenhauser Edmonds Midget, Russell Baker

MOTO GUZZI 1934 Moto Guzzi 500S, Keir Harrex

RESTORATION OF THE YEAR 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5, Terry Smart, Reinhard Klavers & Associates and Re-creation Automotive

BEST OF SHOW 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh Continental, David Berthon

“I just have to say that this is an enormous thrill,” a delighted David Berthon said.

“The reaction to the car from the public all weekend has been fantastic, that’s been the thrill for me, and this (the Award) is cream on the cake.

excerpt from media release David Berthon

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